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I just responded to Nancym’s very nice picture of a Pink Diamond Hydrangea. I have two (they look almost identical in progess as Nancym’s), planted 2 years ago. When they were planted they were in full bloom and absolutely beautiful! Last year they barely had a few petals…never fully bloomed. This year they started to bud and bloom much sooner and more than the previous year. However, they don’t seem to be making further progress. It’s like they will only go so far but not come to full bloom. They are on the front of the house which faces South East, there are two big trees in the boulevard which put them in a good deal of shade, however, they do get dappled sun at various times of the day (one more so than the other, but doesn’t seem to make a difference) Any ideas or suggestions? Am I just being impatient for the time of the season?

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I can think of two reasons why your hydrangeas may not be flowering - food and water. I give mine a feed and then a mulch of homemade compost in early spring each year and if we get a dry spell, make sure they don't go short of water. If they are planted against the house, they may well be in a rain shadow and struggling for moisture

21 Aug, 2008


Thank you Andrewr...I have fed them once since spring, but you may be spot on about the watering, they are against the house and I've probably not watered them as often as they need...we have had a great deal of dry weather with very little rain. What is your homemade compost comprised of? I have never done compost.

21 Aug, 2008

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