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Blooming heck with full ventilation (door and window open) in my greenhouse it was 108 F . I came out very quickly but the heat held at 99F. Did a little jig as i got the mower out and gave the birds a whistle to warn them grass would be available if needed. And off i went as happy as a duck in water my mower and i smartening the lawn. I changed mower for trimmer and again did another jig accompanied by a Elvis impression. This appeared to bring the house down the birds had heard enough they all started whistleing. Patio table with brolley i sat down to listen to the noise. Forgot the time as i listened and when i got the time right it was time for lunch. How is that for a mornings work?. Any way what cannot be done today can be done tomorrow my good lady told me that saying. Take care all, enjoy your gardening hope all goes well for you. Tony

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Ah har! Me wee hearty!! And would ye be after dancin' the hornpipe, me salty seadog?! Or should that be, hopscotch, me freshwater river pup! Lol! Happy person!
That's great you've got the lawn mowed and all tidied up, our lawn is still, as I call it 'gulshin!' with water! If you put your ear near to the grass, you can hear it ticking and creaking, it's so weird! So, needless to say, the lawns looking slightly meadowy!
But I've been busy in the greenhouse, I've got my Digitalis 'Alba' and 'Suttons Apricot', white and apricot foxgloves seed sown, and some wallflower I got free on the front of the gardening newspaper I get. I sowed the wallflower on Monday last week...and they were through by Wednesday? What a surprise! They're called 'Fire King' and seem to be a mixture of dark reds and bronzes, so that should be nice for the spring!
You're right, aren't the birds noisy at the minute! We have housemartins under the eaves, and when the parents come back to feed the bubs, they all start squealing like a load of startled monkeys! So funny! Are the bird boxes progressing well... You must have...oh what, about three made by now? Well, there's no rush because, as your good lady says there's always tomorrow! You can breathe now Tony, I'm concocting a blog as you read! Speak soon!

28 Jun, 2011


your garden looks great Tony..and you did a good job there.I like your little fencing..sets the lawn off lovely .:o)

29 Jun, 2011


Very pretty garden Tony .. well done :o)

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29 Jun, 2011


hi Bloomer Thank You for compliment, several lengths of old wood given to me by family. it was about 4 days work but enjoy my woodwork very much. Take care enjoy . Tony

29 Jun, 2011


Thankyou terratoonie , old wood put to good use. Take care enjoy. Tony

29 Jun, 2011


Blimey is this be jack sparrow i be talking to?. Sorry didn't realise it be our Elizabeth(LoL). If you see the occasional black patch on your gulshin lawn Elizabeth you could have struck oil. Please let me know if you do. My lawns due for second weed and feed treatment asap. Great work in your greenhouse, i have no more room for anymore plants at the moment but i have heard of the wallflower !Fire king!. Seems to be full steam ahead for you then, whilst i tend to my wood work. Keep my fingers crossed for your seed success. 4 and half boxes completed Elizabeth managed a spurt on this pm. Neighbours new little pup got into our Garden and i was playing with it for some time though. Painted a gate then repaired the gap that the pup got through, then replaced a base door panel and painted it. Every thing went great very nice day. I couldn't have held my breath much longer Elizabeth looking forward to reading your blog. I be in suspence so take care and enjoy Tony

29 Jun, 2011

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