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If trees could talk...what would they say?


If trees could talk, what would they say…“hey I’m a tree, have a nice day!”

If trees could sing, what is their song, “I can live anywhere, earth is my home!”

If trees could walk, where would they go…hither and yonder, to and fro

If trees could whisper, what secrets they’d share… the past, the future, an ole’ tale, a prayer

If trees could stop us, what would they do…tell us to honor the people we knew

If trees could send a message my way, “Earth Steward, Earth Steward, come…let us play!”

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"If Trees could Talk..." indeed! I love these old 150-yr-old landscaped estates with their stately tree landscaping. I recently bought a DVD with the title "If Trees could Talk", about such an estate here in Scotland, with links to old famous sea battles, and home of the original Camperdown Elm, which became much-prized in the US for parks and university campus landscapes. The DVD was very cleverly made, as it covered 200 years of history as seen thorugh the eyes of the estate's Head Gardener (and discoverer of the original elm). I really enjoy this DVD, and old trees, of course. they have seen so much, haven't they? And, I managed to locate THE original Camperdown Elm, eventually.

30 May, 2008


Brilliant, i enjoyed reading this - thank's 4 sharing :-)

31 May, 2008


I know some people will think I am potty, but I do a bit of tree hugging sometimes - they just seem to draw me to them. I think it is to do with being so grounded. (Anyway, I couldn't really hug a Dahlia, could I? lol).

31 May, 2008


Spritz, I think that you should teach Henry to work the camera. We would all enjoy seeing a photo of you hugging a tree :)

1 Jun, 2008


This is a timely blog as I arrived home from work on Friday to find that my neighbour in back of me had a boom truck and was in the process of cutting branches off of a birch tree I have by my back fence. This neighbour put in an above ground pool two summers ago and situated it too close to the property line, and under my tree. I realize that he has the right to trim the trees which overhang the fence, but I was lucky to be get home when I did because he had proceed to cut other branches that were not even on his side. So much for my privicy....they need their 6 o'clock sun. It takes so long to grow a lovely tree and they can be eliminated all too quickly.

1 Jun, 2008


Glad to see that there are many tree huggers out there! It's very sad when you see trees cut down and especially those we are close to in spirit. Thanks for sharing DVD info. I'll seek that out. Keep on hugging those trees!


1 Jun, 2008

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