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Even more fencing Part 3


The Lockdown came to a halt (well sort of). The Fencing people could get supplies so we got them in to put up the fence. £2,500 or so which is not bad for 42 metres of it and 2 men working for 3 days to do it.

The biggest worry was that whilst the suppliers had the stuff in stock, there was not as much of it as we needed and the contractors were worried that it would be sold before they had finished. They went down as soon as the had put this section up and bought more, just in case.

The men managed to remove a stump from here that we could not get out. Helps having the right equipment and bigger muscles.

Getting the fence behind the big Birch tree was something which had concerned us, but they managed it with little trouble and a decent chain saw.

The fence line was inside the conifers which belong to the neighbour.

Major problem here was that the Drive carried on under the hedge. The men had to use a road drill to dig the holes for the fence posts. The last few panels took a lot longer to put in than the first ones.

When they began digging the hole for one fence post here they found a very old electric cable. Not sure if it is live or not so it was carefully avoided and the tiled protection put back on top of it. We know where it is and since it does not seem to cross any part of the garden we intend digging over, it will not be a problem.

And finished. The next thing to do is to dig over that border, add humus and fertiliser to it and plant it up.

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you pay for quality though and I must say that fence looks wonderful. Its worth the effort to get a decent border dug and planted up. We are hoping to obtain a small bit of land next to our garden that will need similar work/fencing doing as well as beech hedge removal.

21 Oct, 2020


Exactly. And as I said before, there is no way we could have done the fencing ourselves. Plus it does mean I do not have to pay someone to cut the Hedge. I could not have done it myself with my arthritis. And I am mildly allergic to conifer resin.
Neighbour is happy with it too as it means he does not have to cut his side. Mind the rest of his garden is conifer hedged so he still has miles of it to deal with.

21 Oct, 2020


It's looking good, they've done a good job & I bet they were glad of the work. It's interesting seeing the development of a new garden.

23 Oct, 2020

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