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Along the North side of the garden is a Holly hedge. Mostly Holly, there is some Yew a couple of huge protected Beech and a half dead but still protected Sycamore.
Access to the hedge has not been easy so we decided to put a path along side the hedge so I can prune it easily.

I had enough engineering type bricks to do this part of the path.

Since the path will only be used when the hedge needs trimming there is no need for anything other than bark as the surface.

At the hedge I turned left and carried on path making.

To begin with all I did was rake off the top couple of inches.

The people next door gave me a stack of bricks which I used to edge the path.

There were not enough bricks to go all the way up to the top of the garden so I left it about 30 feet short. I will carry on when I can get more bricks.

We managed to get enough bags of bark mulch to give the path a decent depth of covering.

I used some of the logs from when we did the work on the Conifer hedges on the right hand side of the path.

We still need some more Bark mulch, but the local suppliers have not been able to re-stock with the Lock down situation.

Neighbours have had more work done and donated a load of house bricks to me, so I completed the path along the Holly hedge and had enough to bring the path out to the back of the Summer house.

The only major problem was this Laurel stump where the path was to go. It took us hours of work to reduce it to where it was lower than the path level.

We bought some more Bark mulch and that completed the job nicely.

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How big is your garden, OB? It looks enormous and you've obviously had lots of clearing and restructuring since you moved into your new home. It all looks very good and should be wonderful once all the new plants get going. I admire your energy levels!

25 Oct, 2020


i do like brick edged paths, they add a touch of class in my opinion. Just need to get hubby to look at yours and take the hint! :o)

25 Oct, 2020


The plot is not square, Across the top is about 42 metres but it narrows down to about 20 metres at the bottom. The sides are about 40 metres long. The Bungalow itself is in the centre. There is also a long Drive about 3 metres wide which goes all the way up.
It is about a 10th. of our previous garden by the way.

25 Oct, 2020


We have just been able to get enough bricks to finish the path up to the compost heap. A nice winter job.

25 Oct, 2020


Rather than bark, I use chipped wood from a local tree surgeon for my service paths (which he is happy to deliver for free). It just needs topping up from time to time

25 Oct, 2020

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