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Garden reminders - New feature


By ajay


In many parts of Europe the three wise men (and not Santa) deliver gifts on the 6th of January. They have brought GoY a present too…


You will notice a new “Add reminders” link on your homepage (if you are logged in) and also on each entry in your My Garden list. As the name suggests following this link allows you to set yourself a reminder. For Example, you could set yourself a reminder to Prune your Buddleja davidii in February which will then place the reminder on your My Garden page.

But it gets better than that… we can learn soooo much more from each other’s reminders; If Peter is pruning his Fatsia japonica then maybe I should be too :) I will be able to discover Peter is pruning his either via his My Garden page or via the plant page for Fatsia japonica

For now we have kept things simple but await your feedback and any suggestions for improvements. We hope to make this a valuable feature on GoY.

Happy New Year, Happy Gardening and Happy Remembering

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fantastic! just what i have been hoping and waiting for! only problem is i have now forgotten all of the things i was going to remind myself to do lol! i will have to go back through all my notes and add them to this new feature, which will make it much easier for me, thanks a million guys, and congrats on 1000 members - i will certainly continue reccomending GOY- i love it!

7 Jan, 2008


This looks like being a very useful idea. Once I have worked out my start date, show dates and all the bits in between I am sure that this will be very useful indeed. I must say that growsonyou is, to me anyway, the most interesting and useful on the internet, and it just keeps getting better!

8 Jan, 2008


Hi Ajay, i have another saggestion, might be too complex for a site such as this but i have come accross something like this on the David Austin web site which i have found really useful. it gives you the option of typing in what colour, type and size you want your rose before you search through the listings. it gave me an idea, i think it would be really useful if members could search through all listed plants not only by name, but also by colour size, aspect ect. just a small amount of info that would bring up a list of plants that other members are growing, within the specifications you have entered. the reason i think this would be a good idea is, that sometimes you have a gap somewhere, and have no idea of what you want to plant there. but if you could say type in a search for a red flowering plant approx 2ft tall that likes shade, and then get a list of plants that fit the bill, and the members that are already growing them, you would be able to contact the members growing them for advice or info, you could also scout through the pictures on the site so that you could have a better idea of what will look good in your space! i know that we do have tabs and plant searches but these are only good for this purpose if you know what you are looking for, reading through questions and blogs people often seem to be asking these questions. have i explained that well? if when listing plants for 'my garden' we had a box for size, aspect, colour, type of plant (eg shrub, perennial, annual, biannual ect) this would maybe make this idea quite easy to organise? - also how do other members feel about it? would mean typing in more info about plants listed? thoughs who list lots may not want to include more info of this type because of the time it would take to do it - speaking as someone who has got quite a lot listed i would be quite happy to go back and add this info. just something to think on, what do you think?

10 Jan, 2008


Hi Majeekahead, thanks for your suggestions. All I can say is come back in a few days... we may have a surprise for you :) We have been working behind the scenes on something along the colour search lines you mention above.

10 Jan, 2008


well great minds think a like or are you and peter just secret mind readers lol. i log in most days anyway so ill keep a look out for that! thanks a million.

11 Jan, 2008

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