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Growing sweet peas


By anujag


I love sweet peas. For two years I tried growing them like this.

They soon form a barrel shape, and then comes the problem. Even if it is raining heavily I have to go out with an umbrella into the garden to water the sweet peas – because all the foliage stops the rain from reaching the roots.

So this year, I have planted them like this,

and like like this.

Has anyone tried other supports with any success? Btw, the support in the third photo is a branch of a Buddleja that I chopped off. I only got the idea after I had thrown away all the thinner , more suitable branches. But I think this branch has architectural value, what do you think?

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Ah! You are right Snoopdog and thank you, a few horizontal strings would surely help. Should have realised it myself....

29 May, 2013


Interesting ideas here Anujag ..
I've added your blog to GoYpedia :o)

29 May, 2013


Wow, thankyou Terratoonie :))

29 May, 2013



29 May, 2013


I was given a packet of sweetpeas and have put canes around two pots, tied the tops to make a wigwam and continued the string spiral like to the bottom, every so often tying it to a cane....I think I,ll "stop" them when they reach the top....
Its remembering to dead head them, I end up with pods if I forget!

29 May, 2013


That's a great idea with the branches Anujag - may have to try that! I have mine growing up some bamboo canes that have been bent double. Found them in the local pound shop!

29 May, 2013


I am also using those canes from the pound shop mind you they were £1-29 not a pound lol . I have them in two pots the look quite a good Idea will post a photo when the rain stops .

29 May, 2013


I grow mine up wigwams made with canes that have a bean net stretched between them, I used to use fronds off my weeping willow which was quite attractive but in view of our stupid seasons this last two years could not wait for the tree to put on its growing spurt, hence the use of the bean net....

29 May, 2013


Thanks for the ideas everyone! I hope you put up photos once they are flowering. Dirtyred, when you say 'bent double', are both ends of the cane in the soil with plants growing up both ends?

30 May, 2013


Hi Anujag - yes that's right, both ends in soil with two plants at the base one growing up each side. I'm hoping they will "fill out" nicely and give a good display. Fingers crossed it works will certainly put some photos on if it does!

30 May, 2013


their scent is amazing if you have scented Varieties.

my father picked me some from his garden once i put them into a vase place in the living room and oh what a lovely scent that filled the house.

hope the growth of these goes blooming well :)

21 Jun, 2013


Yes, Janeplant! I saw my very first sweetpea flower of this year just now! The perfume is so strong and wonderful!

25 Jun, 2013


wish i could smell that scent!!!! my friend next door will no doubt have grown some :)

25 Jun, 2013

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