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Old friends - Plants on the road


By anujag


When you are a plant lover, the trees and plants you meet reguarly outside home also become your friends. You look forward to meeting them when they are at their best.

There was a time not so long ago when I drove my son to school regularly. Now that he is older he takes the bus. But every year come spring, I ask him if the white magnolia in front of a particular pub on the road to school has flowered, in May I ask him if a certain Laburnum on the road has come alive. If he cares to look and tell me, I make it a point to drive along the road sometime to see it. I wait for the daffodils in the nearby roundabout to appear and take a walk to see them.

In April his teacher had to cancel a clarinet lesson, and I was so disappointed. It was because the teacher’s neighbour’s magnificent Magnolia would be at its best then and I didn’t want to miss it. :)

I also sometimes shamelessly peep into other’s gardens. There is a house I know where someone plants summer bedding in the front garden in such profusion, it is a wonder there are no traffic incidents there. I look for it each year wondering what they have planted. I look forward to the new hanging baskets a certain other pub nearby buys, wondering if it is going to be Fuchsias or petunias or something else.

When you are a plant lover, everyone’s garden is your business. Now that I am part of GOY, I am sure I will start looking forward to seeing regular updates on familiar plants in your gardens as well!

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I know exactly where you're coming from. I used to be more interested in looking at the houses on walks..... now it's the gardens. I also notice the unkempt and unloved ones...such a shame.

4 Jun, 2013


Sounds like you have been well and truly bitten by the gardening bug Anujag. I'm sure you will enjoy being on Goy, it will feed your obsession and probably give you a lot of good ideas for your own garden. It has certainly improved mine.

4 Jun, 2013


Nothing wrong with enjoying others gardens, anujag! That's one of the great pleasures I get from my front garden.Ilove to see people stopping and looking! And we all get ideas from looking at what others have done!

4 Jun, 2013


I'm just the same, I love other people's gardens and have favourite ones that I like to walk past. Once you're a gardener you notice everyone else's plants, or weeds, depending on the garden!

4 Jun, 2013


Thanks everyone, nice to know I am not alone! :))

4 Jun, 2013


our local pub has a splendid magnolia. on the corner of our street a beautiful white cherry blossom. I know exactly what you mean. I walk past a derelict house and there are a clump of paeonies just coming into flower. There is a clump of lupins and delphiniums there too. But the garden is fenced off so they are just growing oblivious to their surroundings.

4 Jun, 2013


Seaburn, specially when you see these flowers which you think no one else has noticed, like in the derelict house, do you feel you have a special friendship with them. It is like you are saying to them, "Don't worry, I have seen you and I think you are beautiful!"

10 Jun, 2013


thats very delightful , like the way you put your imformation together in your blogs. from jane.

21 Jun, 2013

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