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By boxer


thankyou all for replies to fungi and dead tree,it is late at night now so cant check for the honey fungi,but i do know that there are mushrooms growing all around the bottom and layer type fungi going up the tree,i will have a good look tomorrow,i worry about the fungi in the lawn as i have reat granchildren who play on the lawn,and dont know if its harmfull,what a great crowd you are to help me thanks so much all the best maxine

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I think you are wise to be cautious.

It could be that any fungi you find is quite safe, but I recently read about a 3 year old Shetland Sheepdog which died last week, soon after eating a toxic toadstool. So sad. This dog had been a much-loved pet and an agility champion, and very fit.

Can't be too careful. That's the way I look at it.

14 Oct, 2008


Maxine, if you are worried, put on your rubber gloves and pull them out of the lawn. Then you will feel better. Good luck with the honey fungus - I've been wondering whether that's what killed your tree.

14 Oct, 2008


very kind of you 2 answer so quickly have looked at the tree the bark comes off easily and there are lots of rainbeetles behind underneath the tree is just like any piece of wood?just looks like you could stain it haha the mushrooms at the base are quite spongy and have the texture of mushrooms but harder the layers up the tree sem to e be attatched just to the bark? i will do as you say about the ones in the lawn and pick them off just incase i have just seen on the front lawn mushrooms but different in texture and colour they are bright orange once again thanks to all yor members i can see already im going to like goy ive been searching the web for answers and ive found them all here on goy all the best maxine

15 Oct, 2008


Maxine ~
Fungi can reappear very speedily, so if you're worried, check every day, if you can, just to make sure new ones haven't appeared.
I admire you for being so careful. :o)

15 Oct, 2008

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