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Violas and Leucothoe Axillaris


The Violas in this photo were planted on the same day as the Violas in a container in my front garden and both recieved the same treatment but while these are still in full bloom, the Violas in the front garden had to be cleared away last week, so I’m puzzled as to why they fared so differently. Can anyone suggest a reason? One thing that might be relevant. The container out front is shallower than the one that is still blooming and gets a bit more sun. Thanks in anticipation.

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they look lovely, sorry i dont know the reason!

29 Aug, 2011


This is lovely. The shallower container in the sun would have dried out much more than the larger one thats still flowering. So my guess would be the shallower one got hotter and had less water and therefore less feed than the larger one.

29 Aug, 2011


That's a lovely show! I agree with Drc, and, as well, in my experience, violas and pansies are both not keen on high temperatures, they like it to be a little cooler. My ones that are in the shade for a while during the day, do bloom for much longer, yours are beautiful!

29 Aug, 2011


Yes, I would guess that the violas which experienced the dry, warmer conditions would not have lasted so long as the others ..

31 Aug, 2011

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