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your thoughts plz


i had a thought just recently about what to put in my fishtank and ive decided to have some grasses in it-i like the black grass(think it has little pink flowers on it) i would really like your ideas on what other grasses would compliment it or other grasses to put along side
thanks loads every1-hope youre all well xxx :) xxx
p.s ive popped some poppy seeds into some small pots and left them on my windowsill uncovered do they need to be covered if so what do i use?(the greenhouse is full of toms,so they cant go in there) sorry to be a pain xxxx

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Hope theres no fish in it lol ☺☺☺☺☺

Why not grow some miniature cacti as well.

17 Aug, 2008


i did think about that-but just worried about my son-cos the back is his play area dont want him to hurt himself unless they come without spikes.
lol--no fish they died 2years ago :(

17 Aug, 2008


How about turning it into a vivarium and grow some vivs lol
you could always grow coleus

17 Aug, 2008


Coleus like shady conditions, and unless you take cuttings they will not survive beyond one season.They are not really suitable for planting in a fish tank outdoors as the leaves will be scorched through the glass, and even if you plan to plant it up indoors the Coleus will probably not survive. Also cacti and succulents need hot, sunny dry conditions with plenty of drainage and need to be grown in gritty well -drained soil - unless there are holes in the bottom of your fish tank! Again, I would not recommend growing cacti in your tank- you will only loose them after a while and you will be disappointed.
Firstly, how big is the unused fish tank, and is there drainage in the bottom or not? Sometimes fish tanks are pre-drilled to allow for additional pipework to be fitted but the majority are not. If not, why not fill it with water and try some aquatic plants- for example water lilies. You could bury the tank in the garden beforehand and turn it into an outdoor reserve for aquatic wildlife- there are plenty of plants to choose from, and you will need to go to an aquatics centre, but bear in mind that many of them will die back at the end of the season and re-appear next year.
Hope this helps.

17 Aug, 2008


have you decided what to grow in the tank yet Charlie?

17 Aug, 2008


i think im gonna stick with the grasses irish-safest option
thanks again for all your ideas buff and grenville,i will post a pic tomorrow for you to see-it does have holes at the bottom-filter and pipes etc xxx :)

17 Aug, 2008

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