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good old English weather


well its raining here AGAIN-i managed to get a few pics inbetween the rain-its not all bad though as ive managed to check out all your great pics.
take care every1
happy gardening
xxxx :) xxxxx

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Well it's not too bad here at the moment. I have people building a canopy over the back door so I'm hoping it will saty dry even if the wind doesn't go down.
Sorry to hear it's still raining with you Charlie. Isn't it a dreadful summer. I'll have a look at your photos.
Best wishes, Hywel

12 Aug, 2008


i hope you stay dry as well Hywel,summer-what summer??no wonder people go
take care :-D

12 Aug, 2008


Sorry it's raining again Charlie. It's still wall to wall sun here and in the 30's. I sent you all some sun yesterday in the pics I posted. I'm hoping it will cheer you all up.

12 Aug, 2008


most definately did chris its looks lovely there :)

12 Aug, 2008


It's been a wet old day here too, but I've manage to find some cheap canna lilies from a garden center this morning so its not all bad.
Lets hope it improves cause its not fair on the kids of on school holidays atm

12 Aug, 2008


I'm sick of this weather it was really windy last night snapped most of my hollyhocks,where is summer?

12 Aug, 2008


Sorry about your Hollyhocks Jackie46 :( iv had2tie 1of my Butterfly bushes 2 the fence as it was Leaning rite over from wind rock :( My Laventrea had2be tied2 :(

12 Aug, 2008

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