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getting very excited


hiya every1-as youve read im ssooo excited as my black lillies are ready to burst open i cant wait,im gonna get some pics on here for you guys and gals to see.
hope youre all well talk soon :D
we are about half way (ish) with the decorating

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hope the decorating is going well Charlie... ah that is great your lillies are almost ready to open

2 Aug, 2008


Can.t wait. I've never seen black lilies before.

2 Aug, 2008


What's their name? Do you know?

2 Aug, 2008


Isn't it exciting ! Something new !

3 Aug, 2008


dont know the name-got em as bulbs off the internet and its looking good
ive also got some double-headed begonias could some one let me know if i should prune the leaves to give the flower some room to grow? thanks very much

3 Aug, 2008


I wouldn't pune the leaves of a Begonia - Bend them back gently to open up the plant and allow light to the buds. If there is an odd leaf that just can't be moved then remove it, but try not to take any off that can be avoided. The leaves feed the tuber and should be left on whilst the plant goes down for the winter. (They will drop off themselves when ready)

6 Aug, 2008


thanks very much for the advice mark :)

6 Aug, 2008

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