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Hi everyone I am back


By cmsue


I have had so much go wrong lately but never mind i am back now. I thought you might like to see my little garden and my baby rockery .

As i was saying firstly my computer went wrong i needed a new hard drive, Bob was supposed to go in hospital and have his hip replaced but TWICE now they have cancelled it. No bed in I C U they said, 7hrs 40mins we were there the first time and 6 hours the second time. third time lucky they say don’t they, fingers crossed.

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Very Nice Sue sorry to hear about Bobs cancellation.

19 May, 2013


I wondered where you were! Best wishes to Bob. Please will you tell him I'm rooting a Southgate for him as he said he didn't have one. Let me know if he still wants it. I do like your tiny rockery - very pretty!

19 May, 2013


So like your little front garden ! Oh dear the NHS , Hope your OH will be 3 times lucky .

19 May, 2013


Pleased to see you Sue, sorry Bob's not sorted, its a beggar to get all prepared and then have his op cancelled, to have it happen twice must be really annoying, enough to do ones head in, does that mean no caravan jaunts this year, keeping my fingers xx that it will be third time lucky.
Your rockery and garden look very pretty...

19 May, 2013


Hi Sue,
Ive not had a chat with you before so "hello" from me,

Now i know just what "Bob's" going through ref the hip pain and discomfort as i had mine done two year on the 12th may,

It's well worth the opp and after 6 weeks i was walking around again "No more pain".

It is a little bit of discomfort after the opp as after all you've had a part of your leg repaired,
(ive a metal piece in the leg and a new hip)

Now i walk around for hours and dont feel a thing,
I dig most days, drive the mini tractor, lawn mower, play with the dogs "even cut my own toe nails

(only a hip re-placement person will know what im saying here)

One bit of advice the doctor gave to me and it was this,
Dont be rushing to kneal down on the new hip side of the body,

it takes time to settle in "but" can be pulled out in a very short time if its not bedded in enough,
So just try to remember that.

(Us men are the biggest babies when it comes to pain & doctors & the first to try and do what we're not to do when we feel we're back to normal

"its the wife who picks the pieces up" And says i told you so !!!!!

Good luck bob im thinking about you "but "i know the relief your heading for when its all over.

One thing i'll say ref france, No waiting list here for opps such as this,
I went to see the doctor on a tuesday, x-rayed on wednesday, consultant on wednesday after noon,
opp the following tuesday 12 days later home and 7 days later metal pins removed,
three weeks worth of visits to the clinic for mustle excerises and bobs your uncle im pain free.

20 May, 2013


Your pink Lewisia really stands out,has it gone through the winter in that position.
See you have your Geraniums planted out nearly afraid to try with the low temperatures up here.

20 May, 2013


And did you have to pay ?

20 May, 2013


Oh Sue, sorrt to read about your problems, so worrying and frustrating.
But in this slow spring your pots look really well so something is going right. xxx

20 May, 2013


I bought a Lewisia recently and have decided to keep it in the greenhouse; I understand they are prone to slug & snail damage and inclined to rot at the neck in wet weather .... currently the weather is likely to ensure both happen!!!
Hope bad luck is all behind you now, Sue.

20 May, 2013


Greetings from a relative newcomer here.

Now that's how I'd have my garden! (Don't let my OH see that). His idea is quite different: shrubs, shrubs and ................shrubs! We do have pots in front of the big window and pots inside, I must confess, but they're an extra!

Your Lewisia is lovely, a bright splash of colour.

Have you ever tried growing herbs in these containers?

Good luck with the op.

20 May, 2013


Hello Sue
Lovely to see you back here on GoY...
so frustrating, isn't it, when operations and treatments are delayed after travelling to the hospital and anticipating the surgery ...

I've added your lovely garden blog to GoYpedia :o))) xxx

20 May, 2013


Great photos. Love the planters (and the plants in them)!
I hope Bob gets his op third time running.

20 May, 2013


Love all these planters, so colourful!
Hope Bob gets his op done this time, good luck.

20 May, 2013


A big thank you to Scotkat, Steragram, Kidsgran, Lincslass, Dungy, Bjs, Pamg, Xela, Eirlys, Terratoonie, Lijemc, Louisa 15.
Steragram Bob said yes please and to let us know how much the postage is please.
Lincslass We are still going to the caravan nothing would stop us .
Hello Dungy nice to meet you to.
Bjs No i have just bought the Lewisia hope it survives.
Eirlys I grow many herbs in pots as our daughter does too
Terratoonie Thank you.
And Bob say's thank you very much

20 May, 2013


Nice to see you back Sue. Your garden is lovely :o)
I hope Bob will be able to have his treatment soon. It must have been very annoying to have it cancelled twice like that.

20 May, 2013


OK Sue - just waiting until the roots are a bit longer. PM me with your address.

22 May, 2013


Hi Hywel Bob has said he is putting the op off untill October or after that. It is to stressful and we have been and booked a holiday now, but we are back and forth to the caravan which is good :0)
Hi Steragram , will do :0)

27 May, 2013

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