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With the sudden onset of hot weather..........


I was glad I had a box of ‘Coolglass’ packets in my greenhouse.
Years ago we used to clean our own outside windows and
I had a 6ft long alumium handle with a small brush on the end.
Bought it from the Betterwear lady.
Nowadays we have the luxury of the man with the pipe
controlled special window cleaner, just £1 a week, he comes every 6 weeks, very good. No work.
I remembered this Betterwear long handled brush thingee
this morning. Went and fetched it from the depths of the pantry as novelists would write…………
Its important to mix the Coolglass with one tablespoon of water , to make a paste , then add a quarter pint of water. I did this with 2 packets in a shallow bowl.
Then used the long handled little brush to spread it over the whole greenhouse including the whole roof area.
Just took an hour. Marvellous.

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Just proves that it pays not to throw things out!

25 May, 2017


that reminds me there should be one in the garage unless OH finally threw it out.

keep yourself cool Diane.

25 May, 2017


Its hard to stay indoors when so much needs doing on the garden. Yesterday I went into Fuller Cafe at the bus station for a glass of milk from the fridge. Its a favourite
venue for pensioners in Kettering. There was no one in there !

I was outside at 6 - 8 a.m. today, taking containers of rainwater in my walking aid from from my butts up the garden.

The advantage of recycling all my compost with chewed Gerbil plain brown cardboard for 4 years, is...............
the cardboard helps to retain moisture in weather like this.
The water did not run out of the bottom of the tubs.
The mixed in Blood Fish & Bone granules are feeding the plants so well now Squeak died this spring, Bubble is still chewing away at egg boxes so I am still 'in business'. Have a boxful now, to top up the Dwarf Buddleia tub tomorrow morning.
Instant nutrients !

26 May, 2017

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