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When we came out to live in France 6 years ago it was always my intention to have a large vegetable plot and to keep some hens. I have done just that and so, this year, for fun/experiment/desire l am going to be following the advice given to the nation during the Second World War and the Dig for Victory campaign.
I have always had a very keen interest in how Britain survived as a small island, cut off almost, from the rest of the world and how it managed to produce enough food to feed themselves despite the immense hardships endured.
I have started a blog and will be following Mr Middleton's weekly advice as given in his books Dig on for Victory and Digging for Victory, as well as government leaflets and some information from Juliet Gardiner's book 'Wartime' which she has kindly given me permission to do.
You can see the blog on Feel free to add your comments and any advice you have on gardening during the war.

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