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Our Late Compost Heap: a little section shown here


By eirlys


When our compost got too big, we had to do something about it. Last month, our gardener cleared the area, and scattered the lovely soil around our garden. We were left with a very large, cleared, sloping area. This was left to settle for some weeks and in that time weeds began to spring up.
We had had several plans in mind as to what to do but they all would result, we knew, in weeds appearing sooner or later, and we definitely didn’t want more work in the garden.
Jokingly I suggested artificial grass, and was very surprised to find my idea taken seriously. From Grass Direct we bought some artificial grass in their clearance section and this week, our gardener and my husband laid weed-suppression membrane over the whole area and artificial grass on top.
Yes, real grass would be better, but at our age we don’t want work! Purists may not approve , but for now we have instant ground cover and the area looks tidy. I hope you agree!

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it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. if you like it that is all that matters and as you say it is for ease of maintenance. I think it looks very effective.

25 Oct, 2018


Looks fine, and you won't get dandelions, which has got to be plus! Just don't forget and try to plant a shrub in it!

25 Oct, 2018


It's your garden so it doesn't matter what other people think. If it makes life easier then I'm all for it :)

25 Oct, 2018


Agree with all your comments.
It’s in an area where few people will see it and might put the deer off!
Its very tidy now!

25 Oct, 2018


Yeah..who cares what anyone else thinks. If it works for you...good job!

26 Oct, 2018


I wonder if the deer will try to eat it ?

27 Oct, 2018


Doubt that, Diane. They go for their favourites!

Actually quite pleased with end result. It's growing on me!! :O)

27 Oct, 2018


I dont know much about Deer, will shut up.

28 Oct, 2018


Ah Diane, don't shut up...but you do know they are unlikely to eat plastic grass ! (though goats might give it a try...I've seen them eat waxed paper and nettles - no accounting for tastes.)

28 Oct, 2018


Would never have realised if you hadn't said it was artificial Eirlys, I agree with everyone else, its your garden and you do what is best and easiest for you, also it will be less maintainance for your gardener, giving him more chance to care for the other areas, got to be a win situation.....

29 Oct, 2018


Had to laugh at your comment, Diane!

Stera: As children, we used to feed sweet papers to a Billy Goat . Hope we didn't give him tummy ache.

LincsLass: There are some leaves scattered on it now and it looks quite realistic. A vast improvement on the very large compost heap we had there. Quite pleased with that area now.

1 Nov, 2018

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