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half a shed?


I’m posting this as a blog rather than a question, as I can’t keep track of q’s.

I’ve got two sheds, and i want to roof the gap between them to make a dry outdoor space. Would also need a back to cut down where the wind gets in.

I’ve not yet been able to find out where to buy shed components; I don’t want to buy a whole shed and only use half of it!

All i actually need [or think I do at this stage of planning, which is just tyring to work out the idea] is a roof and back; the ground is paved, so don’t need a floor. don’t need a front wall, i just need something to keep the rain off and most of the wind out.

has nayone any ideas or suggestions?

The gap is about eight feet long by four wide, so no standard shed would fit it anyway.

photo of the space: it’s a shade under eight feet long and I’d need it four foot wide, to match the sheds.

And a [very!] rough idea of what I have in mind

there’s a gap betweent he right-side shed and the fence, which is a wind tunnel that needs to be abated. The “garden” is going to be paved or otherwise made into a solid surface.

I almost don’t even need a back panel, but the roof would need support and I’m not allowed to attach anything to an existing fence.

I tried Googling for “shed wall panel”, “shed panel”, “shed roof”, but the word “shed” in the search turned up only complete sheds. Tried “lean-to” but only got full sheds and greenhouses that attach to the side of a house.

Whatever i get can’t be permanant: I’ve got to “leave thin gs as I found them for the next tenant” so anything I do has to be undo-able, yet has to be robust enough to stay up for as long as I’m here.

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You can get this advice from any hardware store.

2 Apr, 2017


Could you not show us a picture ,My first though was roofing sheets B&Q or similar but at 4ft wide they would need a wooden frame put together for support.

2 Apr, 2017


Its sounds to me as though it will be easier to fill the back in by using individual slats of wood, building a frame first obviously, I think by some of the things you've achieved in the past that you would manage that part Fran but not the roof, do you still have a friend to help you now that you are in Shrewsbury...

2 Apr, 2017


my first thought was fence panels and roofing sheets.

2 Apr, 2017


I've now uploaded photos - hope my annotations are readable to you.

I did find a "shed component" site that offered individual panels for the back and half-side [needed to block the gap on the right], but no roof.

I did think of fence panels, but wasn't sure about attaching the roof to the top of one.

2 Apr, 2017


Contact Help the Aged at your county council. They have handymen who can tackle jobs at reasonable cost.

2 Apr, 2017


I had some via Age UK - they don't do it themselves, but this is the company they use.

They wre pretty dire: shelves "professionally" installed started pulling out of walls, wood I needed cutting for a project [did the project myself but couldn't cut the wood] ended up with about two straight cuts out of a couple of dozen.

it's not the "who-to" at the moment, it's the "how-to".

2 Apr, 2017


Yes can see now what you want to do.Firstly i visualised the gap at 4ft wide wrong the door facing inwards does not help,althoubh does not look as though it would pose a problem to a reasonable handyman carpenter,you would screw some 2x2 timber around the perimeter of the back and top with a few intermediate pieces 8ft and sheet up to it .but surely this woud cost as much as a 6x4 shed and you should still be able to open your existing door they are rarely more than 2ft wide.I have do idea of your budget but have seen the wilko ones and they are not bad at around £200

3 Apr, 2017


If the gap had been enough to slot another 6x4 shed in, I'd have asked if the end wall could be left out, to give access to the shed on the left.

The m ain prob is that the length is one shed size, and the width is another! If it weren't for wind-proffing, I wouldn't need a back, just a roof - i did think of a tarp, but I'd need something unlikely to fly away! or clear plastic, to let the daylight in; it's only the weather and the wind I want to keep out.

I never thought of Wilko, I'll try them.

Thanks for the tip

3 Apr, 2017

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