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Spawning Fish


I have a mixed bunch here, Sunray Goldfish, Commets, Coi, etc, But my question is, there is a lot of activity going on in the pond right now, is this the right time for fish to be spawning, If so, the female Goldfish seems to be losing a lot of scales from her abdomen as she is contantly being harassed by the males, and not just the Goldfish, Is this anything to be concerned about, Dave.

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We have exactly the same here FF. I noticed a few 'eggs' in the new pond last weekend. The fish were chasing each other around at speed all day - they must have been exhausted afterwards! It's easy for their scales to become a little tatty after what they go through, but they will make a full recovery, don't fret.
In our big pond we noticed a baby fish a couple of weeks ago, he/she's about 2" long, black/grey colour. The only survivor of last years' shinanigans, we've named him Nemo - took us a while to 'find' him.

24 May, 2009


Thats very reasuring GF, thanks for your comments, By the way were the eggs stuck to plant leaves or what,

25 May, 2009


They may have been attached but look more like they are suspended in the water. They look like tiny white pinheads, the girlie fish gets hassled by the boy fish, they chase each other round, the boy fish nudges into the girlie fish to release her eggs, then the boy fish swims over the eggs and coats them with his cloud of smoke....there ends my birds n bees talk! Ha. Lst year in the big pond they were chasing all day, then later that evening I saw loads of eggs all over the pond, only one survivor, but with Koi (who eat everything you put in the pond) I'm surprised he survived at all. I have heared that when fish are spawning, you can hang a bottle brush (the kind used to clean a babies bottle) in the pond for them to attach them to. Then if you want to, you can transfer the loaded bottle brush to a safer pond for them to hatch and do their thing without the worry of them all being eaten. I'm no expert but we must be doing something right to have babies. Good luck with yours.

25 May, 2009


Thank you Gf you would make a wonderful Biology teacher. gosh I did'nt know they got hot enough to smoke

25 May, 2009

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