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Mid March.
Carrots in pot on terrace.
March 27/28th.(In first veg bed which is now full)
1. Broad beans.
2. Salad leaves (Mr Fothergills salad bar and Salad mix)
3.Beetroot Cylindra.
4. Beetroot Boltardy.
5. Chives
6. Radish scarlet globe.
7. Lettuce salad bowl.
March 30th.
1 row peas in 2nd veg bed (Hu)
In pots indoors.
Tomatoes (4 types)
Paprika (2 types)
Sharon fruit.
April 1st. 2nd row peas sown (English)
April 13th.
Dwarf French beans sown in newer smaller bed. 2 rows from Unwins, and 1 row Amethyst beans from France
April 15th.
Runner beans sown. 2 types (Both Suttons) Wigwams in place. Room for 2 more wigwams. Some seed left.
Everything sown in March has germinated well. No rain since March 31st. Watering in evening.
April 23rd. Harvested first radishes.
Final beans sown (own saved seed)
Few tomatoes pricked out.

23rd May.
Swede, Suttons Ruby sown in bed with French beans. Harvest Sept-Feb.

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