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02. Views of lower garden

We inherited this part of the garden as an orchard. Some of the fruit trees are very old. We have cherries, plums, a peach, redcurrants. We have 1 new apple and 1 pear, with no fruit so far. We are also developing a wildlife area with pond, and a glade with various trees. We are gradually putting shrubs around the edge to help with screening. The garden is very open to the neighbours. In our light sandy soil and hot summers trees/shrubs struggle to get established and do not grow fast.,
March 6th 2008.
Today I started another project in lower garden. I started to dig out a bed for conifers of all types and sizes. I moved large columnar blue Thuja from terrace and this is planted at one corner of new bed. The idea is that as we walk through rose arch to "glade area", the conifer bed will come into view. I plan to improve soil with conifer soil. Auchan are advertising Thujafold at good price. Then I will collect as many different conifers as I can find. I will cover with bark. Not sure about edging. It might look nice to have a hillock or rockery behind it.
I also planted 3 small green Thujas at lower end of pond to continue the look of surrounding the pond area with trees/shrubs/bamboo etc..

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