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Chrispook's Garden

03. Views of front garden

We re-vamped the front garden in 2007. We divided into two sections. One end is a problem because it has a big gas meter box and big drain cover in the middle. We have made this area into a gravel garden. We are trying to hide the eyesores with tall grasses. We have put a picket fence round the meter box. The main section of the garden is made into 4 beds with gravel paths between. They are color schemed being pink, blue, red and yellow beds.
In May 2008 we started to tidy up and develop the area at the end of the drive and next to the neighbour. I made a rock garden in front of the car area. I bought a few plants from the lady at Fot and tranplanted a few other things. I put various seedlings around the area, cosmos and cleome etc. I plan to plant two small trees|shrubs behind rock garden.
We also want to do something to make the bit outside the gate next to the electricity pole look better.

Photos of this plant