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Sweetcorn (Golden Bantam)

Genus: Zea.

Species: Zea mays.

Planted 23 April 2008 as seed in a bed that last year grew sunflowers.

Forked the ground to allow drainage, made deep grooves, filled with own compost, refilled with soil, dibbed a gap, seed in, bagged compost on top so I can see where the seed is, watered, put plastic over to keep warm.

Currently we have in daytime temp 10 to 15C and very warm sun. Dry. Night time its dropping to -2.7C, hence the need to plastic cover.

Its positioned in the garden to rovide a summer 'screen' in the as when it grows it looks visually great, and to grill on the BBQ when ripe.

This is 2nd year growing sweetcorn. Last summers was a great success, cropped late summer.

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