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I'm fairly new to gardening, so keen but still a bit clueless : )

I started about 7 years ago buying some red geraniums, something cheap and cheerful to brighten up a small back yard. I've since learned they are actually pelargoniums, and how to propagate them ... and I now have more pelargoniums/geraniums than I have space for!

The geraniums have since had to move house twice, and in early 2012 I moved to a bungalow with an actual garden, something I hadn't had before so a bit daunting as well as exciting.

The garden was established and I spent my first summer observing and trying to find out what the various plants were. I also had to do quite a lot of work to sort out the poor drainage, which isn't helped by being on clay soil. So I'm now looking forward to that project being finished and getting started on the actual gardening. I'm quite limited in what I can physically manage though so everything takes time ...

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  • First cucumbers (back in June - had a few more since!)
  • French beans + bee
  • Sweet peas
  • Rose

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