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I chose to call myself Green Finger because although not new to gardening I don't have the full compliment of 10 green fingers yet so am hoping I will gain more knowledge here so as to have a few more green fingers eventually.
I'm retired, live half way up a hill in rural Suffolk in a cottage with my non gardening partner & a little fluff ball of a dog named Ruby.
Love the garden & growing plants but never seem to catch up on what needs doing at the right time.
Looking at the pics & blogs of members here has been both inspirational & awesome.
Over the years I have created several gardens, in fact, this is my 10th & probably most awkward one due to it's shape which is wide & narrow.
I'm hoping to learn from some of the members here how I can make it something to be proud of & my own personal bit of heaven.

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  • More blooms on the other side.
  • Cl. Westerplatte
  • A common Ash (for DD) (Fraxinus excelsior (Common Ash))
  • October 25th Sunflower (Helianthus annuus (Sunflower))

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