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Thank you everyone :D


Well, I laughed my socks off at your comments about buff gardening day! Thank you so much for making me so welcome. It’s great to be amongst other like minded, mad keen green fingered folk!

With all the hard work we have been doing in the garden, we felt the nice little break we had organised earlier in the year would help us relax. We were busy planning what we should see, time to set off etc, etc.

I was getting so excited as the place has a gym, a pool all the nice pampering stuff. It had me all fired up! Until I happened to glance at the scrap of paper him indoors had scribbled all the details on. “Er, are we away on the 28th?” says I. “Yep”, he growled – “why?” – the football was on at the time so I did well to get that much out of him! “It’s the 28th today dearest, sweet man”………………….

So, to all you women out there who has a man who does, let him help with the gardening, but don’t let him hold on to the details of any away days booked – last time we got the right day but the wrong hotel!!!! Still, all is not lost, it gives me another day in the garden. I can shout orders at him and he will obey yet again, penance for his error – oh how I love the power! He will take photo’s and he will put them on the blog for me, he will not complain, he owes me BIG TIME!

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Oh,dear,how disappointing for you.It sounds like its going to take him years and years and make amends.Girl Power !!! Great isn't it ?

29 Apr, 2010


Your husband sounds a bit of a nerd to me. Mind you there are plenty of women like that aswell ! I know from experience :o(

30 Apr, 2010


Hee, Hee you know the best time to go to the tip is when a footie match is on - no white van men (last time a big england match was on there was only me and two little old ladies - it was great!!!)

30 Apr, 2010


Ha ha Hywel, he can't help it if he isn't Welsh like us! LOL

1 May, 2010

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