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It didn't rain - hurrah!


There was I ready to implement plan B because the Met Office said it would rain. You know the one, the huge pile of ironing, which seems to grow another foot when your back is turned. It didn’t, so the ironing got left in the hope it would sprout legs and arms and iron itself, whilst I went out and did a wee bit more ………. gardening!!!!

Him indoors became him outdoors, doing a fine job taking photos for she who must be obeyed at all times. My, will he pay for messing up my little trip! The lawn looks all the better for its cut. Sadly, Miffy, Maxi and Mavis now don’t have lovely long swathes of grass on which to chew.

Everything is coming together at long last. On first viewing in the Spring, it was a bit like the morning after the night before – the carnage following the party. Where do you start, as there is so much to clear up? We feared we’d been wiped out. I don’t know how anyone else felt but it made me want to cry – all the previous seasons successes – splat – gone. Worse still was the loss of plants we’d grown from seed or cutting that we’d had for years. These we had brought with us from our previous garden. No happy chappies that day I can tell you!

Still, I can now gleefully show you all the nice things that are happening. The lovely acer and its flowers, our seedling production line, the crab apple, the daffs – for our Welsh followers, he he. So maybe it hasn’t been as bad as it seemed. The sunshine does lift the spirit, but gardening enriches it and I am a very lucky gal (well old gal) indeed. I love my garden :D Him indoors aint half bad either come to think of it!

Hope you like the pics folks!

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Beautiful pics - what is the plant with all the pink buds? Its lovely! Your seed production line is fantastic too - isn't it exciting when they all start coming along.

29 Apr, 2010


I agree you have been busy!!

30 Apr, 2010


Beautiful pics, what a lovely garden you have.

30 Apr, 2010


Theres nothing quite like mother nature for doing her stuff is there. Great pics.

30 Apr, 2010


some lovely plants you have there -

30 Apr, 2010


lovely shrubs too.

30 Apr, 2010


Hi muddywellie, the pink buds are the flowers of a weeping crab apple. When they are fully open it looks stunning! Will put more pics on when they are in full bloom. Glad you like them - thank you :D

30 Apr, 2010

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