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Green visitor


By kasy


Found another visitor in my garden. This time I spotted it in my greenhouse….
Oh – no!!! my precious cuttings!!! My peppers!!! No matter how beautiful you are – you are NOT going to have them!
Ok – so I need you to get out of my greenhouse – but I am not going to touch you – you seem to be armed and dangerous… that horn of yours… I am afraid you might know how to use it…
Ok – let’s see what have we got here… how can I transport you outside… o! plant labels would do…
Now listen – we are going to do it this way – the label in front of you is the one to climb on – you know – left foot first, right foot next….
What? you’ve got more than two feet? What about the rest???
Let’s just forget it, ok? I got another idea. Give me a second.

Now listen again – this is a nice broad leaf of plant called bergenia. We will do it that way – I’ll push you and you’ll nicely land on it – OK?

ok? ONE, TWO, THREE – oh, stop it! don’t cling to it!
You can’t stay here…

After a while with a bit of team effort (not) we managed to do it.

Ok – picture taken – let me think about your next journey.
You can’t stay with me – I am sorry – you know I have a cat, her name is Masha and she is very unsociable creature… And she is a real hunter.
And since you like to cling to things – it will be hard to separate you from my plant. Let’s find you another mean of transport….
Hmmm – how about a twig? O! there is a nice one here.
So again – I will put it in front of you and you be a nice caterpillar and you climb on it, will you please?

Oh, no!!!! not on the floor!!!! Look, what you did to yourself!
Hello!!!! down there!!! are you ok? you’re not moving….
Here is the stick – please don’t play dead with me, ok?

Well done – that’s a good caterpillar ;-)

And listen to me now – you are going to visit the neighbouring county – it’s called Over The Fenceshire – you’ll meet plenty of slugs and snails there who popped over with a visit a while ago – say hello from me and tell them there are 3 frogs in my garden – so it’s safe to stay where they are…

And in the meantime I’ll try to learn your name – hopefully someone here on GoY will be able to identify you. And when you’ll grow up you’re welcome for a re-visit.

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He's very colourful , Kasy .
Looks a bit worrying though . I sent some very juicy slugs to Over The Fenceshire at my daughter's a few days ago .

10 Jul, 2014


i do know its identification Kasy.

11 Jul, 2014


What is it Jane - please share your secret with me... ;-)

13 Jul, 2014


Did you ever find out what this is Kasy?

17 Jul, 2014


A friend suggested 2 names for me:
Small-Eyed Sphinx Moth
Poplar Hawk-Moth (Laothoe populi)
I checked both out and think it might be Poplar Hawk-Moth - but not 100% sure.

25 Jul, 2014


Difficult to pinpoint it, but I also think it could be the Poplar Hawk-Moth. Fascinating little thing!

26 Jul, 2014

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