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Easter in the garden


First of all I wish to all GoYers Happy and peaceful Easter holidays, without pains and sorrows, with morning rains and sunny afternoons It was some time when I wrote my last blog, so I would like to refresh your memories of me and my garden experiment, as my garden has not water source. For this moment, intensiously. So let´s start with the view to my balcony.

This is view to my “Mediterranean” garden. Too much bushy, but it will get real shape within 10 years, I hope. On the left you can see Rubella evergreen, which has bloomed since Christmas this year. April is the blooming season of apple trees. I have two very old exemplars. They have overload of flowers this year, as it is warm winter and spring. Will have to reduce it once the small apples will appear on branches.

Two sorts of roses, the Waltztime, which is climbing or tall and lazy as I say, needs some support. White bird is guarding it….

And of course, black panther is guardian, too, lol. If he is not knocked by the bee….

Berberis otawensis is blooming and it makes impressive show with its cascades of red leaves and yellow grapes of flowers.

Just some general views….sorry for grass, I do not have beautiful lawns like Terra :-)

Fading tulips and peony Sarah Bernhardt taking stage.

Lemon thyme spreading at the feet of columnar Italian cypress…it is smelling like a lemon and is very tasteful in summer in lemonades or salads….

Anemone, or Any Mony…

Amy´s blue Himalayan treasury —-slow, but ging on….

…rhododendron luteum preparing for its season…

And a small daisy (?) in a path crack….

So this is April in my garden. Hopefully mostly yellow, green and purple red will transform into white, pink and red in May.

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Hi Kat ..
Happy Easter to you and Noris ...
Your gardens are looking lovely !
Does the Lemon Thyme survive okay in your cold winters ?

19 Apr, 2014


Hi Terra, sorry, I was checking the text and found so many mistakes.........ah, didn t write in English for some time.

Oh yes, this is very sunny garden and from both sides are houses, so it is protected from winds. If there is snow, it covers and protects these herbs.

Thyme is natural also for Central Europe, it is not exotic plant here. It even grows in higher altitudes - and those are perfectly aromatic.

19 Apr, 2014


Derek, if you have a look at the pic 10, you will see the Photinia Red Robin beside the yellow tree. They are almost of the same height. The yellow tree is Golden Elm tree. The height of both is more then 2 metres now.

19 Apr, 2014


Hi Katarina, yes I can see it now, the leaves looked different on the other photo, but you're right it is photinia, it must have been the angle, Derek.

19 Apr, 2014


Lol. Snoopdog ... yes I do have two canine helpers to assist with the mowing ;o)

19 Apr, 2014


I really enjoyed this blog thanks you. Some lovely plants to brighten up the spring.

19 Apr, 2014


Snoopdog@lol, yes, Noris used to "cut off" Clematis stem from its roots.

19 Apr, 2014


Seaburngirl@thank you very much.

19 Apr, 2014


Very pretty garden , Katarina. I enjoyed looking at your pictures.

20 Apr, 2014


Thank you, Klahanie. Politness is good for many reasons. One of them is, that it boosts confidence :-) Well, taking into account, that mostly I work on this area of almost 700 square metres alone and it has no water, it looks quite normal :-)

20 Apr, 2014


happy easter have a lovely time:))))

20 Apr, 2014


Thank you, Mark,the same to you and your family. Looking forward to your cabinetmaking mastership :-)

20 Apr, 2014


Late arriving Kat but have to say how nice your garden is looking, Norris has grown so much and is very handsome....

3 May, 2014


Lincslass@Thank you very much for nice words :-)

4 May, 2014

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