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Thanks to all


By katcod


Thanks to all for their advice and hellos. I’m so glad I came across this site…it’s great to read all the tips and view lots of wonderful garden photos. Still finding my way around this site…it’s like a maze!

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Hope you enjoy and stay with us a long time.

7 Aug, 2008


everyone is so friendly on this site , hope you enjoy it as much as i do

7 Aug, 2008


Welcome Katcod! You are sure to love this site, very friendly and very helpful....easy to become addicted! Took a walk through your garden photos....looks quite lovely...will look forward to more! :)

7 Aug, 2008


This is probably the most friendliest site on the net.
Best Wishes

7 Aug, 2008


Hallo Katcod - nice to meet you! don't worry, you'll soon find your way around the site. You will also meet lots of people who have a love of gardening, and none of us 'know it all' but there's usually someone who comes up with an answer to any problems! We have a laugh, too!

7 Aug, 2008


Hi Katcod, welcome to GOY, I'm sure you'll find your way around soon :o)

7 Aug, 2008


Welcome to this site and happy gardening!

8 Aug, 2008

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