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Trying my new camera ! today I added a few more pic's


Hello ,
Just got a new camera spent and spent all afternoon trying to use it arrrrr , bit disappointed with it but will have to keep practising with it had to re size the photo’s to add to my blog , so I am adding my first attempts the windmills are for Hywel so he will know they are everywhere , they are in the next valley over from me we did protest but to no avail . the photos are taken from my back garden, the first one you can see the windmills with the naked eye then I zoomed in on them .there is a photo of a new comprehensive school built a few years ago referred to as the prison but it as fantastic views from it and from my kitchen window I can see the school buses arriving and the children walking to it ,2 of my grandsons have recently finished there and a 3rd still attends there all brothers , its a very good school apart from it’s appearance but that’s modern architecture for you .
the others are goldfinches feeding .summer as still not arrived in Wales it’s quite cold this evening . hope I get to grips with my new camera or it’s back to my phone camera which I must say doesn’t do a bad job .

Windmills just about visible on the right, the little housing estate below looks pretty at night with all the lights on and those windmills are much further away from them than they look .

Windmills zoomed and as I said they are a lot further away than they look in the next valley but that’s the impact they have on the landscape o(

The school seen above my pergola with the new wood my OH replaced

3 goldfinches not as clear as I thought more practise needed !

Lone goldfinch usually there about 10 or more on the feeders.

Trying the camera again view from my arbour .

The School

Siskins today on feeder .

Goldfinch bit better photo .

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The windmills must be huge. I've never seen any close up. They're building a wind farm near here and I'm sure they're using more energy to build it, than what they'll be saving lol.
Lovely views from your garden :o)

12 Jul, 2012


Keep practising, Kidsgran - you'll get there!

12 Jul, 2012


Nice pics :) I went back to using my phone camera lol./.still havent really figured out how to use my digi camera!

12 Jul, 2012


Hello all three,
Still practising add a few more pics to yesterdays blog Hywel the turbines are very big we walked to the ones in my photo with the grandchildren they thought they were awesome kids lol they are about 148 ft ! there are 16 of them terrible things , though I am all for trying to go green I don't like them they are not natural on the stunning landscape we have .

12 Jul, 2012


Very nice photo`s Kidsgran, I had lots of goldfinches a couple of years ago, I fed them up and they thanked me by not returning, hows that for gratitude.
I do agree the windfarm does look out of place, thats what I think when strolling along the beach on the east coast, its called progress I think.....

12 Jul, 2012

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