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unwanted messages


this is a gardening forum,i do not wish to have people try to set up a date with me,i dont know if others are getting these messages,I DONT LIKE IT DONT DO IT.anybody else getting messages from aminitalove just ignore them

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Yes I have had one this morning and have flagged it as inappropriate.

4 Jul, 2011


I have received a couple from people in West Africa. Just flag it. I am afraid this is one of the many weaknesses of the internet.

4 Jul, 2011


right this blog , I think, answers my question / what the hell .....

so have you been getting a mail off Aminatalove ? about wanting to be in love with you ??

I thought I had joined the wrong forum .

nice to meet you anyway long as you don't want my hand in marriage .


4 Jul, 2011


From time to time these "amorous" messages appear on GoY.... usually from the far east, and often sent over the weekend, when such "new members" guess that the GoY site might not be so carefully moderated as at other times...

Just flag the messages to alert Peter and Ajay ...

NEVER reply to these messages ...

4 Jul, 2011


makes me so angry to get these,and no your ok fudgy i dont want to marry you,unless your rich and can keep me in plants for the rest of my life

4 Jul, 2011


I flagged it. I hope everyone else did aswell.

4 Jul, 2011


We've had them before, and will again. As Tt says, just flag it and the member will be deleted.

4 Jul, 2011


hahaha ladybug

nah ..not rich ..however I can help you with your plants for
the rest of your life .....

well when I say help , I mean more walking round the garden scratching my head saying " when did I plant this then"

4 Jul, 2011


I do that fudgy,ive got some at the mo i cannot remember putting in

4 Jul, 2011


Yup - flagged as soon as I saw it! Some people ...!!!!!!!!!

5 Jul, 2011

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