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pallets good or bad


im getting some free pallets tomorrow and was wanting to ask would they be good for building a fence,i remember someone doing a great deal of building with pallets but cannot find the blog,its time to start the back garden and im sorry to say im building a sort of surround for my mound,the bricks go down feet not inchs,theres bits of bike and a whole car I think,im going to level it of and either pave or patio it,and it will be a sort of raised garden.

I know how bad it looks(to the left)

it doesnt look steep here but rises about 3ft to the fence and looks much worse now ive killed the weeds,its realy looking ugly and depressing me,and the clay is in giant lumps im thinking of getting a kiln and starting my own pottery lol

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Have a look in sloping gardens by clicking 's' below. I think its whdbor whose used the timber off palletts to good effect.

25 Aug, 2011


You have got a challenge on your hands there,good luck with whatever you decide to do..:o)

25 Aug, 2011


Hi Ladybug I thought it was whdor too but I have looked back and cannot find anything on my comments:( Good luck with your garden:)

25 Aug, 2011


I found this... Hope it helps :o)

[ Whdebor blog 23rd May. 2011 ]

26 Aug, 2011


brill thankyou terra

27 Aug, 2011

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