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lilys not right this year


ive always got a nice show of lilys but this year they are a bit spindley,and then ive found a red beetle on them this morning,ive killed it but im not sure if i should dig my lilys up now,whats the advice here

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Mine are long and lanky as well and only just forming the flowers, I put it down to so many dull days and them searching for the light, also on lily beetle watch, only one so far today and its now a deadun, I wouldn't give up on them yet.....

9 Jun, 2014


Most people just squash the beetles as they find them but be careful - if they fall off the plant they land brown side up and you can't see them. They can also fly like ladybirds. No need to dig up the plants.

9 Jun, 2014


Ladybug you have just scared me. Have read loads of blogs in the past about red lily beetle but up here in Northumberland we have always been safe from it as it has never reached this far north, probably too cold. Now you say it has, (I am just a few miles north of you). I will need to keep a very watchful eye, have loads of lilies in garden and containers.

9 Jun, 2014


i put my lilys in containers as i was told the red now dead beatle does not go in containers,this is the first time ive seen a lily beatle in newcastle and dad killed one yesterday on his,the lily i found them on i got from harrogate garden fair and also dads new one,do you think they were in the bulbs,i hope not.

11 Jun, 2014

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