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Easter and the fox !


By lil


Well the fox has had a great easter, he diodn’t go for the eggs but the new hens, I thought they were safe, but the fox dug way under the fence and got to them, I couldn’t believe it when I went out the other morning agh !!!! , didn’t touch the cheap ones, no just took the best !! He must have dug for a long time to get under the fence, such is the joy of poultry keeping !!
It has been a wet easter here and cold, we have been spoilt with lovely weather and this has been a shock… no work done outside when it is usually such a busy time. I try to get jobs done early or else it all gets too much here in april;
The potatoes are up, I must sow more, never can have too many ! The onion seeds have germinated well and the little tomatoe plants are coming on, not much growth in this cold though.

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Hi Lil, obviously Mr Fox has got expensive rude! What a shame, must have been horrible for you. Hope he was just passing through. We've had bad weather this easter too, snow, hail and gales but without the nice weather earlier. Still despite this there are signs of spring everywhere, daffs and forsythia in bloom in my garden, blackbirds with beakfuls of nesting material and (my favourite!) lots of tiny lambs in the fields. Can't wait to get going properly in the garden.

24 Mar, 2008


I believe Mrs Fox could be living closeby, sadly !! she visited us regularly last year. sounds springlike with can't keep it back !! for the first time in a very long time I have no lambs this year.

24 Mar, 2008

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