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Yes this guy or girl goes by many names… are you ready? …..Marmot,Monax,otcheck,monk,pasture pig, land beaver,pasture pig,ground squirrel,gopher,whistle pig,woodchuck, Groundhog….etc. My name for it is “#%<€£¥%}” Why you may ask? Because it’s sole purpose in my garden is to eliminate just one name in my garden and only one-ZINNIA! Just look at this…

I decided to do something I had never done before and that was to grow potted zinnias. I anticipated this all winter and when spring came I went to the GC and selected my packets of Zinnia seeds. I admired the pictures of the beautiful varieties of zinnias and had fantasies of how beautiful and lush these potted flowers would look as I placed the seeds into their pots. Now my garden bubble has burst thanks to #]#<€£¥!:aka groundhog:( All joking aside for I blame no hungry creature in my garden for trying to sustain itself in its very difficult struggle to stay alive. Last year it ate all my sweet potato vines and I should have checked to see if it liked zinnias before I started. By the way it is the most healthy looking groundhog I have ever seen and I will take some of the credit for that:) These guys truly hibernate for the winter and they are fattening themselves up with food in order to get through the hibernation. Sorry I don’t have any photos of it but as soon as I open the door it runs into the tunnel it made in the honeysuckle. But I do have some photos to show you of my quickly maturing cottage garden ala Hywel…

It is Sunday morning as I write this and I am now feeling a bit sleepy, time for a Sunday morning nap with a Debussy or maybe Ravel CD playing in the background and dream of what was only to be a dream anyway, my Zinnias…..move over Sadie my dear…..


Done with my nap…Stera mentioned that it must take a lot of watering to keep the pots moist and it does. I might add too that the water hose never goes into the garden since it will tip over pots and tear plants up. Since I need a length of hose about two hundred feet to do the job if I were going to do it that way and I won’t I devised a mobile watering can system that gives me just enough water to do the whole garden. I have a garden path that circles the entire garden finishing where I started of and the whole circle takes about 20 minutes if I refrain from removing weeds and insect pests along the way…here is a photo …

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Its doing well isn't it? I like the rather unusual use of lots of containers dotted around - but they must take a lot of watering?
Has Sadie been doing most of the work? She looks exhausted...

25 Jun, 2017


some very healthy plants there, love the red monarda, which variety is it?

25 Jun, 2017


Very colourful ...

25 Jun, 2017


Thank you Hywel. Seaburngirl I do not know what variety. Eight years ago it just popped out of a heavy vinca vine ground cover that I had around this pond literally out of nowhere and has been going great guns ever since.

25 Jun, 2017


Lovely colourful plants and I like your mobile watering system.

26 Jun, 2017


It's looking very colourful. Don't pets look really cute when they are asleep?

26 Jun, 2017


Poor zinnias, maybe next year they could go on the bench. Meanwhile, the rest of your garden is looking very lush & colourful. Great watering system you have devised & Sadie is looking her most alluring too.

28 Jun, 2017


L'strife it all looks grand, so lush and very colourful, I'm green with envy looking at the size and health of your Hosta's, I do love your attitude towards the Groundhog, I would have been spitting feathers if they had been my Zinnia's.. Hope you and Sadie felt refreshed after your nap, forty winks on a Sunday is traditional surely, lol...
Love your watering system, I have a little trolley but it has never occurred to me to do that, I let my shoulders and arms suffer instead....Lovely photo's L'strife..

29 Jun, 2017

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