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It's Hummer Time!


It never fails, a day or two after the Monarda goes into bloom….

The Hummingbirds arrive…


Up to now,it was almost impossible to get clear photos because they move so fast. My solution was finding an iPad tripod which came with a remote blue tooth shutter button as you see…

I set the iPad on tripod at a location of a few flowers that I knew the Hummer would gather nectar from and with the remote button I waited away from the area and all I had to do was press the button though it was so peaceful in the garden I almost fell asleep. One word of caution though, I do these things on cloudy days being afraid that an iPad in full sun might get overheated causing the lithium battery to blow and catch fire. My Monarda topped off at six feet just like last year! The bird you see here is the female Ruby Throated Hummingbird. Rather drab coloration as compared to the male which is one of natures crown jewels with its fluorescent red, snow white and metallic green feathers. I will be on the lookout to get a pic of a male too.

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If only we had humming birds here Monarda sales would rocket! Great photos Loosestrife,and a clever solution to
the problem.

17 Jun, 2017


great photos! i my self just bought a mono pod to steady the camera when focusing at high zoom

17 Jun, 2017


great solution and lots of great pictures. What a treat to see them. They seem ethereal.

18 Jun, 2017


Thank You. I think the remote shutter button is the key. I don't have to stand by the camera so the subject is not scared away and the camera is dead still. Try to take a telephoto, even ones heartbeat makes the camera move.

18 Jun, 2017


Beautiful photos

18 Jun, 2017


If you look at the lower right hand corner of the next to last photo you can see that my new Lilly pond spitter has made himself right at home.

18 Jun, 2017


how lovely to get humming birds in your garden and how patient you must be to wait to get such wonderful photos.

19 Jun, 2017


Well Lisam they do the rounds about every 20 minutes in the morning so the wait is not that long and as far as them returning from Central America to where I am about two hours away from New York City,they always arrive one or two days after the Monarda bloom. Thousands of miles of travel and they time it just right. They are one of the miracles of nature.

19 Jun, 2017


What a good idea to get such good photos! I'm useless when it comes to pics of birds.
I seem to remember your red bergamot from last year, didn't realise how tall it gets - over here I've never seen any much over 2ft.

24 Jun, 2017

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