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Aren’t they annoying?


I’ve noticed an increase in the number of “flagable” items being posted in the questions and blog sections of our wonderful GOY site. Yes they are annoying and their increased frequency must be offending some members to the point of consideration of curtailing participation with GOY. All I can say is please don’t and just ignore them. There are enough members that are willing to do the flagging ( myself included).

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I agree Loosestrife.

I always state that I have flagged an item, then I know others will see that I have done it.

I feel sorry for the poor person who has to upload all the 'rubbish', must be a soul destroying job.

Dave does a great job considering he isn't paid to do it.

16 Nov, 2022


Another "flagger" here, and have just flagged one for pillows

I've always assumed uploads were done from some sweat shops in a poor country where wages are around a dollar a day, and maybe even by six-year-olds, but given the poverty who can blame them and I suppose in a roundabout way flagging them for removal creates a nice circular economy

17 Nov, 2022


I am quite au fait with zoning them out, Loosestrife. I’d flag them immediately but usually one of the others has flagged them first, which is good!
I can ignore them and often I don’t see them through zoning things like them out over a long time.

17 Nov, 2022


I'm obviously not as forgiving as some of you, I take great satisfaction when flagging them and the only person I feel sorry for is Dave, in my defence we do get a lot of scam telephone messages as well, both on the house phone and our mobiles, the unknown people posting all those adds get lumped onto the same list as the criminals trying to scam us, I'll try to think about someone genuine trying to earn a living next time...They won't drive me away though L'strife and I will continue to flag them.....

17 Nov, 2022


Sue, you're very positive and that's brilliant! Keep that attitude going.
You're right though, lots of folks get tarred with the same brush out there sadly.

17 Nov, 2022


I flag them regularly and really appreciate the work Dave does in removing them.

18 Nov, 2022


Me too. They seem to be getting sexier as time goes on.

18 Nov, 2022


Yes , I do too Shirley!

18 Nov, 2022


I noticed that Stera, those are the ones that really make angry...

19 Nov, 2022


I flag them too, and did one this morning.
But something else about this site is what angers me.
I left for a while because if it, but I have decided not to keep away for ever, there are too many friendly people I miss.

24 Nov, 2022

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