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But I am sooo excited, my son, wife & 3 children are coming to visit for 3 weeks from USA. We have not had the chance of kisses and cuddles for over 2.1/2 years though we do see each other on Skype (brilliant invention) I have in mind lots of trips out mainly the London Sites (that’s where we live) and a 7 year old birthday party. Now, I have not planned a party in 20 or so years. This one has to be special, (as I don’t know when I will actually see them again) so I am doing a ‘pirate party,’ I was in Wilko’s and they had a sale on party goods the Pirate being one of them, I fell in love with the pirate ship piñata for £3.50 and the rest followed ie cups plates etc. Pirate fancy dress in search off ( lots on Amazon) and lots of ‘home play’ games, only one so far and that’s ’ Walk the Plank.’ Oooh so much to think about but I will get there. Sorry for waffling on, but I am soooo excited. I am glad that the gardening (in a way) will be finished with for this year. xx

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Wonderful - you need to invite Mr Pirate Paulspatch!
I hope you have a fantastic time with your family, something to treasure for ages.

5 Oct, 2016


How exciting, bet you are counting down the days till they arrive. You are so lucky having so much on your doorstep for outings. My daughter was about 7 when we took her to see tower of London. She spent the rest of the day saying "bloody tower" loving she get away with saying that word. Good luck with the birthday party, bet it will be one they remember for a very long time.

5 Oct, 2016


Oh how wonderful, Have a lovely lovely time.

5 Oct, 2016


Oh you must be walking on air, I know that I would be, I was going to suggest our merry pirate as well, Paul your getting famous, lol, you can waffle on all you like whilst you have the time, just don't foget we are a nosey lot and would love to hear more when you have the time, as to the garden, well its coming into armchair gardening time so we need something to read about, just add a flower to the party table decorations and we have a gardening theme going on as well, lol...

5 Oct, 2016


That sounds wonderful. It will be nice for you all to meet again. Have a lovely time :)

6 Oct, 2016


Hi all, Thankyou for your good times for my family get together. Yes Linsclass, I am walking on air and unable to sleep, my mind is just whirling round. Any ideas Paulspatch can give me would be most welcome. xx

7 Oct, 2016


Get some blunt end scissors. Put up a length of plain side
wallpaper on the living room wall. Get your old seed catalogues out, one for each child.
Then play ' Diarmid Gavin at Chelsea Flower Show.'
They have to design and plant up a garden !
Remember warm colours at the front, cold colours at the back, that teaches them perspective.
Pictures of bridges, greenhouses, frames, streams, butterflies etc all teach them about the creativity of a garden.
Should be lots of fun, nice to keep to remember the day and hope they remember when they are older.

10 Oct, 2016


p.s. Sorry. I forgot the Glue Sticks. One for each child so theres no squabbling, and one for you as Leader of this enterprise. Put the end result on Goy for all to enjoy.

10 Oct, 2016


Don't know if there are any 'Factory Shop' in your area.......they may be an Essex only company but they have lots of pirate party stuff too!
I , being a pirate , know about these things you know .Ha house is full of pirate stuff for pirate parties.

10 Oct, 2016


Oh, I wrote this comment and then went back and read others' comments.I didn't realise I'd been mentioned.
One thing I find children love at pirate parties, if you have the space and can get hold of a big rope, is tug o war. All ages love it.
Have you got any pirate songs........ Jake and the Neverland pirates is quite popular with a lot of young pirates. There's a great song called 'Roll up the map' and you can all act out the actions to it! (Swim away, crocodile, drink your tea, row your boat, play pirate rock(ie; air guitar) swab the deck, slam the chest and roll up the map)
You must have a treasure hunt of course .You can buy chocolate coins or just plastic coins on eBay etc to throw out when the children have helped solve the riddle clues.

10 Oct, 2016


Oh, and captain says, of course(same principal as Simon says but captain instead of; if they carry out an instruction that doesn't have Captain says as a prefix....they get it wrong) us party entertainers don't have losers of course, only winners and sometimes, everyone wins!
But with captain says, you can have an imaginary boat and have a port side(left) , starboard side (right) bow(front) stern (back) ...then other instructions such as row the lifeboat, hop like peg leg Pete etc etc.

10 Oct, 2016


This is probably a bit too elaborate and costly for just one party but, I have pasting boards or you could use any board I suppose(propped up on a wall)with those Captain Hook type hooks you can buy for fancy dress, stuck to board and then get some plastic hoops or make some from rope and play pirate hooplah.

10 Oct, 2016


The secret is to prepare well in advance. Then it will go well.

10 Oct, 2016

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