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I am unable to see posts of photos


Good day lovely people, I love reading the blogs and looking at your garden photos but I am unable
to see any photos at the mo. I am not tech minded so will have to wait until I have a visitor to sort it out for me. but I can still read all the posts so that’s good. I have noticed that some of the posts are now ADVERTISEMENTS and not gardening ones at that.

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we have phases of lots of adverts then little for a while. I just flag them and they do disappear after a short while.

Some of us are having issues with photos and most get it sorted so hopefully some one will be able to tell you what to do.

4 Mar, 2021


Hello ,I have recently had a lot of trouble including not being able to reply to anyone...did you try to put back your password.
1) Go to your log in page, press forgot password.
2) Enter your email address.
3) A message from GoY will be sent to your email.
4) Click in the link, you will arrive on your login page.
5) Log in normally.mossy

4 Mar, 2021


I too am getting fed up with all the advertisements.

If Mossy's suggestion still doesn't work try changing your browser to Firefox. Lots of other people have had similar problems and this has worked for all of them.

4 Mar, 2021


We are being inundated with adverts at the moment, as said hit the Flag box, its very off putting but Dave takes them off, as said many of us are now on Firefox for goy, hoping you get it sorted ..

5 Mar, 2021


Thanks all for your replies. I did try Mossy's suggestion but all to no avail. Still it will not be too long before we can have a visitor, and will get him to sort it out for me .

7 Mar, 2021


This comes up periodically and is shortly resolved. It could be your browser or you may have to adjust the settings on your ad blocker and/or browser if you are using one or try a different browser like FireFox.

8 Mar, 2021

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