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Kelburn castle visit


We visited Kelburn Castle for the first time last weekend. To follow is an insight to our visit….

We were with a large party, so hired the use of a pavillion next to the campsite, dumped bags and set off exploring. We set up camp in the old courtyard….. What a view :-

Behind the benches from our viewpoint was a lovely bed with 3 different weigela and this euphorbia (sorry if that’s wrong name)

From here we headed into the secret forest, great for kids, but very dodgy footing, it’s a rhododendron forest, exposed roots everywhere. Also midge central :-

We then took daughter and pals to the play barn, mr doodle on daddy duties while I took a close look at this border :-

This rose was growing in a number of locations around the park,
This lone bloom was making itself known

Look forward to seeing same border when all these buds are open, will be spectacular

Found this wee guy….(but not a single lady bird :(

We then went to find the waterfall, a great walk but again footing tricky an lots of stairs Think this is watercress?

These gunnera were another plant found dotted around…… Massive!!!! Again want to see these again on a few weeks!

Loved this moss …And of course the obligatory wild garlic, may be onion but as a child was introduced to me as wild garlic so garlic it is….

The waterfall and pool

Now this is my favourite of the day. I loathe Elder, tree and ground…. As have both causing problems at home, But this purple beauty!!! The foliage and flowers stopped me in my tracks… is this Elder? Will be stunning in fruit in sure!

Then the castle – I still cant decide if I love or loathe it..its been covered in Graffiti Art, its a private dwelling.

Well think that’s it, hope you enjoyed and thanks if you read this far. I also have some tree pix to follow if you want me to share them with you? x

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Great blog mummy doodle :)
Looks like you all had such fun. I'm loving the castle - probably not everyone's cup of tea though!
That purple shrub is an elder - Black Beauty I think, Black Lace has a bit more Acer Palmatum leaves.
Thank you for sharing your day with us :)

12 Jun, 2012


Thanks Scottish, I'm going to need to get that Elder, it's sooo lush!

12 Jun, 2012


They usually have them quite cheap in B&Q

12 Jun, 2012


I knew that name sounded familiar! My children used to go there sometimes with their grandparents, who live down that way.

Mind you I had to google it...and it would have been long before they grafittied it...

Caused quite a stir! Personally, I think it looks awful...but only because I don't actually like these particular scribbles.

But, it's only on the concrete render, the castle is still sleeping and waiting to be discovered, underneath!!

Looks like you had a great time, Magnadoodle! Just like my kids did! :)))

Where next? Culzean??

12 Jun, 2012


Culzean quite pricey for entry, next is Glasgow botanic gardens and Kelvingrove park, next pay for entry day out will be heads of Ayr farm x Scottish I've allocated some pocket money for garden centre on pay day......this is on my list :)

12 Jun, 2012


Nice that you enjoyed the week end. Great for kids too it seems :o)

12 Jun, 2012


Looks like loads of fun and plenty of space to explore and nice weather as well. That paint will come off if needs be. The place is well used that's the main thing.

12 Jun, 2012


My ex-parents had friends who have/had an "open" farm...somewhere near there...

It was a great place to go with kids!

Until, the shepherd asked my 5 year old boy if he wanted to see a lamb being born...

Well, of course he did!! Until the shepherd selected a ewe, threw her on her back and extracted the hand!!!

I can't tell you which of them was the more flabbergasted!!!

12 Jun, 2012


My Great Grandad was a shepherd....Lol

12 Jun, 2012


Lovely place Magna and great photos, I love that Elder too, my neighbour has one and I have pinched a piece to see if it roots!!

12 Jun, 2012


Let me know how it gets on, who was our bonsai Gardener again? This in miniature would be stunning in my opinion x thank everyone x

12 Jun, 2012


I love the Sambucus too. At first I thought it was Black Lace, but I agree with Scottish the leaves on this one aren't as feathery as Black Lace. I like the pretty and delicate small pinky flowers with the beautiful bronze foliage :o)))

13 Jun, 2012


Sorry Magna, playing catchup on Goy and I`ve been missing your blogs.
I have to say this looks a great place for a visit and I enjoyed looking around with you but I think the castle looks horrendous, like something you`d expect in a fairground, however as has been said at least its being used.....

8 Jul, 2012

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