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Fuschia whip experts - Help please


What started off as beautiful sunny morning it is now raining & hailing so I have had to come inside.
I have bought these three fuchsias which I think I can grow on into standards. They have a good central stem which I hope will develop in to a standard.
When I remove the other longer side stems will I be able to root them for further whips or is this too greedy!
Any help gratefully accepted.

These are the plants Annabel, Display

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Certainly root them Marjorie. It's not greedy at all. It would be a pity to waste them. I do it all the time lol.

6 Apr, 2016


But for now keep the whip going before pinching out the side shoots as these will still feed the whip.

Got told his at the Dundee Fuchsia Society Marjorie.

6 Apr, 2016


Annabel appears to have two strong stems already. I would choose one and shorten the other down to about two pairs of leaves. Otherwise the main stem will not grow straight and effort will be going into growing something you don't want. You do leave small side shoots on to feed the plant but don't let it turn into a bush even at this stage.Are you going to grow the middle one as a bush? Is it Delta's Sarah?

6 Apr, 2016


Thanks for your advice it's very good. I will let you know how I get on.

Sue the middle plant is Carmel Blue.

7 Apr, 2016


I would remove the side shoots they are only using up energy but leave the leaves on till they drop of on their own don't be over ambitious trying to get them to tall you could grow half standards in one season.
As soon as roots reach the side of pots re pot into the next pot size up this keeps them growing if they start to get pot bound they will just try to produce flowers.
Feed with a high nitrogen fertilizer something like Chempak No 2 every time you water but only at a quarter strength.
Best of luck have a three year old Carmel Blue standard myself.

7 Apr, 2016


Carmel Blue is every bit as nice as Delta's Sarah - never having seen them side by side I wouldn't know the difference. I bet it makes a grand standard.

I'd change from high nitrogen to high potassium when you want it to flower.

7 Apr, 2016


Absolutely right with the feed Steragram I swap to Chempak No 3 fully balanced feed.

8 Apr, 2016


Has anybody got the fuschia Jan Everett, it is pink trailing.
I would love to have a cutting of it.

Thank you again for helping me to start to do my standards

8 Apr, 2016



so you got them ....

I have re-potted mine on to the next size pot I will take a photo in the next week or two , mine are coming along nicely, I have fed them but a very weak miracle grow for now. I did have a tiny caterpillar in the top of one but managed to get it before any damage was done.

So keep a eye out for pests.

ALL the side shoots that I have taken off when I bought them have been potted on so hopefully I will have some cuttings as well but I will make a bush out of them ....

yes leave the leaves on the stem helps to feed the plant and makes the stem thicker.


10 Apr, 2016


Thanks Gg for the info. Will take your advice ?

12 Apr, 2016

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