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Wem Sweet Pea Festival


Yesterday i went to Wem Sweet Pea Festival
First time i had been to that show, although it is fairly local (and i used to live in Wem at one time).
Unfortunately i had forgotten my camera, but i took a few pictures with my mobile phone, where i thought it seemed to be light enough.
They had made very interesting displays, by setting a class in unusual containers, there were displays in things like shaving mugs, tea pots, a pipe, and lots of others.
The marque had some lovely displays, i got some pictures by the doorway where it was lightest.
I shall go again, hopefully remember my camera next time!
Some interesting information i found there:
“Henry Eckford 1823-1905 Born in Midlothian and employed in horticulture all his life, Henry Eckford was aged 65 years when he began his Seet Pea business in Noble Street Wem.
His pioneering work in colour fragrance and form made Wem the Sweet Pea capital of the world.
He was rightly known as the master and at the bicentenary Sweet Pea show at Crystal Palace in 1900 no fewer than 115 of the varieties on show were created by him. He was awarded the Victoria medal of honour”.
I knew Wem was linked with Sweet Peas, but didn’t know it was the Sweet Pea capitol!

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(I have uploaded the photos i took in my photos here at GOY)

19 Jul, 2010


Interesting to read about all this. I'll have a look at your photos.

19 Jul, 2010


I knew there was a link, there are pictures of sweet peas on the signs in Wem. I bought a little post card with this information on, found it interesting, particularly as it's in North Shropshire (Local).

19 Jul, 2010


That's great. It feels as if you're part of something if it's local. It's as if you have a connection with it.

20 Jul, 2010


I think you're right. I did live in Wem, a few years ago now, but I still live in Shropshire. I always like to find out about local history like this.
Now I have been and found out about it, I will try and go whenever i can to help support the show / festival.

20 Jul, 2010

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