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I have been uploading some pictures of Malvern Spring Show today, i know the show was back in May, but it always seems so long winded to upload pictures. I did upload them to flickr a while ago, as it’s quicker there. Thought i’d better get them uploaded here, as it’s Tatton Park show next week. I do like to get all the show / plant pictures uploaded here, when i can, as this is still my favourite site, the friendliest there is (that i have found, anyway).
The first show i will be entering myself will be The Shrewsbury Show, 13th & 14th August – so i will be working on my plants at every opportunity before then. The double tuberous Begonias are all in their final pots, with the cane inserted and loosly tied – they will need tying tighter nearer the show.
I still have a lot to pot on that won’t be up to show standard – seem to have got a bit behind this year, somehow.
My Begonia rex, and other foilage Begonias seem to be doing OK so far, hope they will be good to show.
Fuchsias are growing well, but don’t seem to be flowering yet? Don’t really know much about the flowering habits of Fuchsias yet, but i will keep growing a few as i have always liked Fuchsias.
The organisers of the Shrewsbury Show have gone mad!
For some strange and unfathomable reason they have took out a lot of the best classes, including the class that i entered a few years ago

I know a lot of exhibitors that have been complaining, one that regularly enters some top Begonias has said he will not be supporting the show again, he is so upset – he had been working on his plants for the stand from the start of the season, what a waste!
Without these classes the show will not be up to it’s usual standard – i’m sure the proffesional tent will be, but the Severn tent will be very poor.
Hopefully they will see some sence, and re introduce these classes ASAP.
I shall still be entering the individual, class of 6, and class of 3, haven’t studied the schedule yet. But i had intended on doing the stand again soon – now i can’t. There is one big stand still there, this year, but there is so much work with a big stand like that and i don’t trust them not to withdraw that class, now. It’s not worth the effort and expence for the Shrewsbury show now, very sad indeed.

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What a shame this has happened makes you wonder why they take away some thing that has been in for years.

18 Jul, 2010


Lovely pic must have taken you ages? Things have to change and be updated or the visitors would stop going Mark? I for one give things like Mums and Begonias a miss as I find they are exactly the same as they were 50 years ago. While gardens have changed the way flowers are displayed in county shows seems to me to have stood still! Tent after tent filled with the same blooms on each stand! What I want is to see them planted in a setting and how they might look in my garden. Not standing in pots row upon row, tier upon tier. I dont want to see the longest/largest fruit and veg either! I want a taste/idea of what I could grow myself.
However, I do think that it would be reasonable for them to give a years notice when they are dropping long standing exhibits. According to the local TV news last week The Kent show is in trouble and may have to stop? well we stopped going because it was so badly organized, a nightmare of mud and access not to mention odd stands. Dont shoot me down in flames I am just saying what I find at shows and others will not feel the same.

18 Jul, 2010


Really lovely colours

18 Jul, 2010


What a shame have been to afew shows there and enjoyed the day very much, dont think i will be there this year :(

18 Jul, 2010


What a shame we didn't know you'd be at Malvern - you might have met up with several familiar names on GOY, Mark!

18 Jul, 2010


Must admit it hadn't crossed my mind that there may have been others from GOY at the show, maybe if i get to go next year.
Planning to go to Tatton Park show on 21st, maybe some will be there?
There are some stands that do look the same Drc726, but the stands that i am refering to don't. They have the plants on, but the display is different each time, depending on plants available, the focal point changes each time. Class 6, which i have done twice, is just Begonias, is essential, as are the other smaller stands for exhibitors to perfect their showing, and practice before moving to the bigger stand. Class 1 (is there, this year) and that is what i would have liked to enter eventualy. Class 1 is for any plants, not cut flowers, but any in pots. That stand can be made very interesting, and much different each time. working out which plants, and combination of plants to put together on the stand. I have helped someone with a class 1 display in the past where we had streptocarpus, gloxinia and the begonias - each year the stand looked very different. I had been planning on entering class 6 a few more times, then move on to class 1 - but i don't think i will risk it now. I will stick with individual classes, which can also look the same to anyone not really into a particular class / section. I am always really interested in the Begonia section, i like to see just how good the 1st place is, and if i can find any faults. Often i have spotted stem rot on plants that have won, or similar. Also looking closely at the stands give ideas that can be incorporated in a stand that i may be thinking of doing. I will probably still do that, even if i won't actuaslly be doing one.
Must admit the show gardens are of little interest to me, it's the floral marque that is the best part of any show, to me. When the flower shows are on tv they seem to concentate mainly on the gardens, i just want to see the displays in the floral marque. I do tend ho have a quick look around the gardens when i have seen the floral marque. And i like to go and walk around gardens, not at shows.

19 Jul, 2010


I hope it works out for you Mark. With the commitment involved such as as costs and time I can understand you dont want to risk it.

19 Jul, 2010


I'm afraid Tatton Park is too far for me, Mark. Keep an eye open - there are sure to be other GOYers going.

19 Jul, 2010


Have recently seen your Malvern pics, Mark, and came in time to remind me to add the spring green tulips to my list for Autumn. If the classes you mention were on the schedule for this year's exhibitors, they should, surely, have been seen through, and then removed from the next schedule? Sounds like a committee of teetotallers in a brewery, to be polite!

Yes, you'll find GOYers hiding under every leaf, and in every cranny, nowadays and, if they know where you're going to be in advance, they will be right in there at your begonias - in a friendly way, of course!!! :-))

Best of Luck with the Show!

19 Jul, 2010


The classes were removed from this years schedule, but by the time the schedule has come out the work has already started - I don't think they know that on the commitee, wouldn't be surprised if none of them grow any plants (to show). They should have printed which classes were to be removed this year in last years schedule, to be sure everyone knew in plenty of time.

19 Jul, 2010


If they have a committee is there a constitution? and if so was it ever recorded how much notice is to be given if exhibits are dropped?

19 Jul, 2010


Fits my view of some committees, methinks!! :-))

19 Jul, 2010


I'm 99.9% certain that there is a committee - but i've no idea about constitution or if it's recorded how much notice should be given.
However, it seems only right that people that plan to exhibit should know of any classes to be dropped before they start any work towards an exhibit, otherwise it's work wasted - and that's just not right. The show organisers / committee, should show some consideration towards the exhibitors, work with them and not against them - after all without exhibitors they wouldn't have a show.
I get the impression that the show organisers seem to think they are doing the exhibitors a favour by letting them show, as opposed to the true situation where the exhibitors are doing the show people a favour (and putting a lot of work in with a lot of exhibits) by exhibiting and therefore making the show. They wouldn't be able to call it a flower show if there were no flowers exhibited.
There are other shows that exhibitors can go to, and i will be looking into which other shows have staging. I don't trust Shrewsbury now - there's too much work involved to discover half way towards creating a display that your class is not there.
I think David is probably right about his view on some committees.

19 Jul, 2010


If you do some research into the committee meetings you just may turn up proof that once upon a time it was recorded about giving exhibitors notice etc. The local press/library may have records of the early days and how it all started. You only need one mention in the minuets that exhibitors would be given an amount of notice?

20 Jul, 2010

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