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Tree removal to open up entrance to front garden.


Have been thinking about doing this for awhile…..the trees and shrubs are being starved of light in this area and not doing very well.This conifer was 30 years old. It is the one left of the green bin..Called in our tree surgeon friend who carefully cut it down leaving a stump as flush to the ground as possible.

After looking up all about Stumperies,I set sail with deep compost tucked into the spaces between the stumps, and rescued a few ferns from around the garden to use there primarily.The photo was taken prior to adding compost.
The attractive Lavender clump in the front of the stumpery I thought would be good to leave ….hoping the GC will be stocking the small Spring bulbs.Scilla and Wood Anemones. If anyone can suggest any other suitable plants….please do.

The rotten bench was resurrected and painted…..not safe to use……but the camellia will look good growing through it.Found the Azalea which almost thanked me for some light.

The 2 garden waste bins are camaflouged behind a willow fencing……splashed on the remains of paint to tie in with the bench colour.Phew!! Not the sort of job to be doing in this humidity…

As a finale,we had the back row of trees shortened and trimmed…….so I think the garden is within its boundary now until 3 years hence!

Hope you enjoy the photos.

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It's always sad to see mature trees go, but with conifers especially there comes the time to say goodbye. It's opened it out beautifully and certainly let a lot more light in. Good luck with moving your ferns. Spring bulbs will look lovely there. Did you know you can get blue wood anemones? They are gorgeous but you'd need to add some good stuff to the ground first. Your drive looks magnificent!

29 Jul, 2014


Great idea! More light is always better! :))

29 Jul, 2014


We had to say goodbye to six conifers this year and we are so glad now, I think you did right to have these taken away, there will be no regrets because you will soon replace them with other delights.

29 Jul, 2014


It's good to let in more light, and air too. Your plants will be grateful :)
Nice idea to have a stumpery. I hope you can find some pretty ferns to grow in it ...

30 Jul, 2014


Yes, GM and Stera, there comes a time for definite action....wish I could do away with the 200ft of conifers at the back.

30 Jul, 2014


Trouble is ML it is the cost of their removal isnt it? Our guy took everything away which was a huge plus, we were just left with the worry of what to do next!!

1 Aug, 2014


Tree surgery isn't cheap and in almost all cases has to be carried out by proffessionals GM.

2 Aug, 2014


200ft of conifers!! Oh my goodness, and do have to trim them every year? the trouble with having them taken down it would cost a fortune!! because we live in the south everything grows so fast, so we have lots of tree surgeons available and their prices are competitive.
You do have some beautiful mature conifers, unfortunately they grow, although quite slowly at first, but all of a sudden they become enormous!

17 Aug, 2014

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