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Hi. I am a travel agent working from home and do travel alot.
My hubby is a purchaser so travels all over.
Upon our travels we see all sorts of beauttiful plants and flowers.
We love tropical / jungle plants mainly.
We are not experts on plants and flowes but we do try to grow our own as often as we can.
If i see a plant or flower in someones garden or on thier grounds i always ask for a cutting.
Cheeky i know (some people think im a nutter, Tee Hee) but if its gets me a cutting from somthing so pretty then who cares.
Photography is another passion of ours.

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  • Tila`s memory will live on........
  • R.I.P. My Tila died today at 12pm.
  • Taken from one of our cruises. Just found this old piccy
  • Cannot remember where this was taken by my hubby but its so pretty

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Fire Fern Sumach Tree - Rhus dissecta

Posted on 18 Oct, 2011 6 comments

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