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My Somerset Garden, Day 5


By micky45


Hello Friends

I’ve just had a late supper and finished my 2nd cup of tea, i’m now raring to go for my day 5 Blog, i’m so excited!

It’s getting well cold now, you know that real bone chilling awaghw sort of feeling! not nice…. but some seeds do need the cold to help them to break their dormancy “it’s called stratification i think”

I once saw this nature programme where these elephants ate these particular seeds which had been dropped by these trees, they then went off and eventually the seeds passed through their system and out they came again, no one could understand why these trees were popping up miles away from the others until one day some bright spark worked it out, isn’t that amazing!

I’m finding that there are a lot of buds now forming on our cherry tree at the back of the garden, also the iris’s are now pushing out new tips, roses have the new buds unions on and the geraniums are forming new shoots for next year already

We have loads of wild primroses which are seeding very vigorously, anyone want some?

Nature is a complicated beautifull thing!

I am so tired tonight so you must forgive me if i start rambling…….

On the A38 between bristol and the airport there are many bulbs coming up quite fast, i think they are daffodils although i can’t be sure until they form, it’s hard to notice things when your concentrating on your driving!
I bet this cold snap will slow them down a bit.

I can’t think what pictures to put on tonight as there are so many, i will have a rummage through.

The garden is still not finished yet as we have to fix copings onto the wall, I have a disc cutter that makes lots of noise and dust, it’s a horrible thing really but you can’t cut them without it, i tend to do these jobs without gloves, they get awfull dry.

There is more rendering to do to the wall, I will have to make an effort soon as “like i said” I want to be prepared for the new season and enjoy it, not spend time slogging away!

We have a deck and to be honest i’m not keen on it, They was in vogue a few years ago but they do get very slippery and dirty, I think “money willing” we will go over to stone slabs or something like that, they will be much easier to manage I think, I guess the old wood will come in handy for making some planters up “for the whole country” lol!

I’m going to head off to bed now ha ha “not so raring now am i” , up at about 4:30 am, 3 days off after tomorrow, yippee!!

Goodnight all………………sweet dreams


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Another lovely view Micky45 and a nice looking cat is it yours?Thats a lovely place to sit .

14 Dec, 2009


I like your trellises. Any idea what yo will grow up them ?

15 Dec, 2009


It's lovely to see the garden from a different angle! Looking good, Micky. :-))

15 Dec, 2009


Hi Mick another great blog, and photos, is that your cat, if you are giving wild primroses away i would like some, will send you pm.

15 Dec, 2009


great blog and lots going on there, im just catching up with your garden, some how miss someone then have to do a mad catch up lol

16 Dec, 2009

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