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Growing with the Moon in January


So another year begins in the garden, this isn’t really the time to be sowing anything. Look at seed lists and order in your seed potatoes to start chitting. Give the greenhouse a good clean out in mild weather and keep a watch on any broad bean and pea seedlings you are growing on in pots. This time last year we had a thick covering of snow and heavy frosts this year the temperature has barely dropped below freezing since the year started. Whilst I would not want us to have the extreme cold we had last year some frost is good to kill bugs and diseases in the soil.

Provided the ground isn’t frozen you can plant fruit bushes and canes on 11 (after 1pm) – 13, 21 – 22 and 30 – 31.

Mulching helps to fertilize and protect the soil, and limits the evaporation of moisture and weed germination. A variety of materials can be used as mulch, such as straw, grass cuttings (a thin layer, fresh or dried), composted bark (very effective, a thickness of 2 or 3 cm/about 1 inch is enough). It is best to mulch when the Moon is waxing and in an Earth or Air sign. The best day to mulch in January is 7.

Keep a watch for white fly and aphids on your Brussels sprouts and other winter brassicas spray with an organic garlic spray on the mornings of 9 and 14 – 18 January.

No work or harvesting should be done in the garden on 6 (pm) descending node, 17 – 18 (am) perigee and 19 (pm) ascending node.

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