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First plantings this year!


I may be planting a little early, but the gardening bug has bit me! A couple of container plants for the time being, so I can rescue them from any late season frost..
My wife gave me a little “Romo tomato” transplant and I planted the little guy in one of my richest organic pots from last year and the little fellow has doubled in size in only two weeks:

The next one was a “sweet bell pepper” that I totally “bare rooted” into his pot and the little guy showed NO signs of stress after the transplant:

Last weekend my wife was cleaning the fridge and found some old garlic bulbs. I dissected the bulbs into individual cloves and planted them, thinking that nothing would happen. One week later, get a load of what happened:

OK, I admit that this old wine barrel has the most rich organic soil that you can imagine and I “cheated” a little with that! {chuckle} Amazing how organics works..


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