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"Bare rooting". Does it really work?


Yes it does and it works well on plants that are not considered to be “woody”. Here is an example of my latest experiment using a “Romo tomato” plant..
The plant was a typical “nursery transplant” with tons of perlite, peat moss, and synthetic fertilizers in the pot to make it look good and sell. Here is the little fellow planted into organic potting soil mix after all of that nasty stuff had been cleaned from his root system:

The above photo was taken the following day and the plant showed NO signs of “transplant shock” at all..
After about three weeks in his new organic home, the “not so little fellow” now looks like this:

Note the size of the trunk diameter and leaf structure!
That is ONE happy camper!
I have also bare-rooted 25 sweet banana pepper plants into my gardens this weekend. So far, so good!
This is AWESOME!

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